What to report?

Sexual exploitation of children in tourism is is the phenomenon where an individual is residing abroad for a longer or shorter period of time and sexually abuses minors in that country and/or sexually exploit them.

It includes sexual contact, but also nude dancing, pole dancing, erotic massage, producing child sexual abuse material, child trafficking and webcam child abuse. Dutch citizens guilty of sexual exploitation of children are punishable in the Netherlands, even if the abuse occurs abroad and is not illegal there.

Report suspicions of sexual abuse while travelling

Meldkindersekstoerisme.nl treats all reports confidentially.

Try to complete the following information in the report form:

The name and/or description of the suspect.
The name and/or description of  the victim.
A description of what you have seen or heard.
Indicate where and when it occurred.
The travel details of the suspect (e.g. the date and time of flight, the name of the airline or travelcompany)
Any other relevant or noteworthy details.

Caution: do not try to conduct an investigation yourself.

If you want to make a report to a hotline in another country, visit Dontlookaway.report