What happens after you report suspicions of child abuse?

Meldkindersekstoerisme.nl treats all information received through this website confidentially. You can report your suspicions of child abuse abroad on this page. After evaluating the report, we make the information anonymous (if desired) and send it to the Dutch police. The police evaluates whether the report contains enough leads for further investigation. If further investigation is possible, the police will contact their partners in the country concerned.

Follow-up questions

Sometimes the police has follow-up questions about your suspicions of child abuse. In this case, Meldkindersekstoerisme.nl will contact you by email. We then provide you with three possibilities:

1) Meldkindersekstoerisme.nl puts you in direct contact with the Dutch police. With your permission, we send your contact details to the police and they will contact you. You will no longer be anonymous.

2) If you wish to remain anonymous, we can put you in touch with Team Criminal Intelligence (Team Criminele Inlichtingen, TCI). With the TCI, you can anonymously and without obligation provide information.

3) If you do not wish to have any contact with the police or the TCI, Meldkindersekstoerisme.nl can mediate between you and the police. We provide you with the questions by email. We then send your answers anonymously to the police.