The Police

‘Children all over the world have the right to live safely.’

Combating child sexual abuse images and transnational child sex offences is one of the five priorities of the National police of the Netherlands. All 11 units of the Dutch police have a Team against Child Sexual Abuse Images (CSAI) and Transnational Child Sex Offences (TCSO). All in all 150 officers are working in these units.

The Dutch police record and investigate all reports of child sexual exploitation in tourism. The investigation mainly focuses on determining the identity of the perpetrator(s) and victim(s). The investigation then focuses on collecting legal and convincing evidence of the crime.


Transnational investigations

The Dutch police do not have investigative powers abroad. However they do work in cooperation with foreign police authorities. The starting point is that a criminal investigation is conducted by the local authorities of the country concerned. In case of a Dutch suspect, the Dutch police offers – if desired and if possible – help and assistance. Preferably the prosecution also takes place in the country concerned. This does justice to the suffering inflicted on the victims of child sexual exploitation.

Investigations into child sex tourism show that successfully tracing and prosecuting offenders is a matter of extensive and detailed information. Information that may not seem important to you, can actually be the missing link in the entire case. The Dutch police therefore attach great value to the contact with the person reporting. In this way they are able to ask follow-up questions and to bring more details to light. While respecting the choice of anonymity, the Dutch police do hope that you’re willing to leave your contact information with them.


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