Not sure?

We can imagine that reporting a suspicious situation with respect to sexual abuse of children by travellers can be difficult. Just imagine that there is nothing wrong and your information about somebody is unjustified. It is important then that somebody is not automatically arrested.

To report your suspicion of sexual abuse of children by travellers is not the same thing as filing a complaint with the police. Filing a complaint literally means: ‘I make a request to prosecute’. However, this is not the case when reporting something.

The police investigates thoroughly

The main task of the police is to find out the truth. So, this means that first of all it must be determined that the information shared with the police is actually correct. Therefore preliminary investigations into reports of transnational child sex offences may lead to different results. One of these results may be that there is insufficient evidence (at that moment) to conduct a search of premises for instance or to make an arrest.

This does not mean that the police does not do anything with the report made. The information is recorded in systems as much as possible. In this way it might be very useful in case of any future reports. So therefore be as accurate and exhaustive as possible in describing situations and persons. Via this website it is also possible to upload a photograph or video in your report.

Are you yourself a victim of sexual abuse and you do not have the Dutch nationality, report it to your local police.