Meldpunt Kindersekstoerisme

Don’t look away

If you witness child sex tourism, you have a choice: seeing the problem and reporting it or looking away. With the ‘Don’t Look Away’ campaign, the Ministry of Security and Justice wants to encourage you to report suspicions of child sex tourism. Dutch citizens who are guilty of child sex tourism are punishable. The police need your help in order to prosecute the perpetrators. Children are so vulnerable. They deserve your help.

You can help us in our fight against child sex tourism by placing our banners on your website.


Sixteen European countries and six non-European countries participate in ECPAT’s Don’t Look Away EU-project. The Don’t Look Away campaign was developed in 2010 by ECPAT and the German-speaking countries. Seven European countries have since joined this campaign. In the Netherlands, ‘Don’t Look Away’ was launched at the initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Royal Military Constabulary, the National Police, the ANVR (Dutch Association of Travel Agencies), TUI Benelux, ECPAT, Meldpunt Kinderporno, Terre des Hommes, Plan Nederland and Free a Girl.

If you have questions about this campaign, please call or visit the website below:
telephone number 1400

Previous campaigns
Since 2009, the Dutch government has paid extra attention to tackling child sex tourism. This led to the launch of the website in early 2010 and to collaboration with the travel industry. The first awareness campaign (‘Doorbreek het stilzwijgen’ (‘Break the Silence’)) was also launched in this year, followed by the ‘Wie gaan er alleen voor de kinderen op vakantie?’ (‘Who’s only going on holiday for the children?’) campaign in 2012.